Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We are Total Quality Management as a lifestyle; Collecting, neighborhood, customer, quality and working with all our activities,


  • Employees who embrace the happiness of their employees, partners, and suppliers in a continuous and thorough sense of shared responsibility,
  • Using the most compatible materials and technology around,
  • Evaluating resources in such a way as to produce the least amount of waste,
  • In an effort to prevent the loss of national wealth and the unconscious consumption of resources,
  • It is in line with legal regulations and has commitments on waste reduction.
  • It is our company principle to work with an approach that ensures that jobs are performed safely and safely in terms of employees' health


Our company policy is to prevent accidents by applying advanced technology and methods that will ensure worker health and safety of work, to make error-free production in line with customer requests and expectations and to provide customers with error-free service, to adopt a quality education system by organizing continuous training programs for our employees and to participate effectively in Integrated Management System.


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